The Few, The Proud...
The Carolina Marines

About Us

All Marines - All Volunteers

Council Officers:
  • Aaron Harper, Sergeant, Medically Retired USMC - President 
  • John Berdusis, Retired USMC - Vice President  
  • Sam Johnson, Major, USMCR - Secretary
  • Denny Mathias, USMC Veteran - Treasurer
Board Members:

  • Ed Moen, Major, Retired USMC, Board Chairman
  • Darryl Barnes, Lieutenant Colonel, Retired USMC
  • Michael Griffin, Lieutenant Colonel, USMCR - General Counsel
  • Lawrence Stawicki, Lieutenant Colonel, Retired USMC
Council Advisors:

  • Sam Helland, Lieutenant General, Retired USMC
  • Dennis Hejlik, Lieutenant General, Retired USMC
  • Frank Panter, Lieutenant General, Retired USMC
  • Cornell Wilson, Major General, Retired USMC
  • Alex Williams, Sergeant Major, Retired USMC
  • James Shea
We're always looking for high-speed, low-drag volunteers to help us accomplish our mission, so if you're interested, please send an email to Volunteer.
  You do not have to be a Marine to volunteer.

The Carolina Marines are members of the National Marine Corps Council.

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