The Few, The Proud...
The Carolina Marines

Never Forget

Carolina Marines - Killed In Action

Semper Fidelis
You will never be forgotten!

Cpl. Daniel L. Linnabary II (August 2012)

Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher P.J. Levy (December 2011)

Marine Cpl. Michael J. Dutcher (September 2011)

Marine Staff Sgt. Leon H. Lucas Jr. (August 2011)

Marine SSgt Thomas Dudley (July 2011)

Marine LCpl Nic O’Brien (June 2011)

Marine LCpl Ross Carver (September 2010)

Marine GySgt Christopher Eckard (February 2010)

Marine LCpl Noah Pier (February 2010)

Marine LCpl Roger Hager (July 2009)

Marine LCpl Jessie Cassada (January 2009)

Marine LCpl Johnathan Kirk (May 2007)

Marine LCpl Nathan Elrod (October 2006)

Marine LCpl Cliff Golla (September 2006)

Marine PFC Enrique Sanchez (July 2006)

Marine Capt Chris Pate (July 2006)

Marine PFC Chris White (June 2006)

Marine LCpl Kevin Lucas (May 2006)

Marine SSgt Jason Ramseyer (April 2006)

Marine LCpl David Parr (February 2006)

Marine Cpl Felipe Barbosa (January 2006)

Marine LCpl Jeriad Jacobs (January 2006)

Marine LCpl Daniel Swaim (November 2005)

Marine GySgt Darrell Boatman (November 2005)

Marine LCpl Kenneth Butler (October 2005)

Marine Cpl Benny Cockerham (October 2005)

Marine LCpl Andrew Russoli (October 2005)

Marine Sgt Mark Adams (October 2005)

Marine LCpl David Houck (October 2004)

Marine Cpl Benjamin Bryan (October 2004)

Marine Cpl Christopher Ebert (September 2004)

Marine LCpl Gregory Howman (September 2004)

Marine LtCol David Greene (July 2004)

Marine LCpl Alan Lam (April 2003)

Marine LCpl Brian Anderson (April 2003)

* All data retrieved from the Military Times website "Honor the Fallen"
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